TECOLINE melamine edgings – matched to the surface

Edgebandings for the furniture and wood-based materials processing industry must meet two criteria. They must be robust and – if desired – they must be a perfect fit with the surface decor. Welcome to the TECOLINE edging world.

TECOLINE melamine edgings based on lightfast specialist papers are printed with single colours, wood-based or fantasy decors and impregnated with duroplast resins. They are then coated with environmentally friendly lacquers and various mechanical and/or chemical embossments are applied.

This process creates exceptionally high quality edgings from a roll which can also be matched perfectly with other surface systems as required – including real-wood veneers – and harmonized with any surface decor.

The TECOLINE Portfolio includes products for coating straight narrow surfaces, softforming edges for profiled narrow surfaces and right-angled, formable edgings particularly suited to door rebates.

And if you happen to need small batches – just- in-time - (less than 900 m²) we offer you a very special service with the TECOLINE-Speed stock collection. This selection includes edges to match common wood-based boards and our standard TECOFOIL products are supplied worldwide within four days of placing an order.


Endless single layers edges with finish surface for coating straight, narrow surfaces.


Softforming edge for coating profiled narrow surfaces – also with tight radii.


Right-angled formable edges for coating door rebates.


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